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I am Hunson Abadeer wut
Adventure Time Character Quiz


( ) You’re sensitive and cry a lot
( ) You seek adventure
( ) You’re into sports and are very active
(x) You’re more of a leader
(x) You have dealt with a crush not liking you back

( ) You’re sometimes violent and can get a bit out of line

(x) You’re very brave and willing to try anything
(x) You have a strong sense of responsibility
() You love helping others and get upset when you’re incapable of doing so
() It’s hard for you to do anything “bad” or “evil”


() Rarely act mature
() You’re laid back and never worry
(x) You like jokes and are funny
(x) You like giving advice, but sometimes they vary between good and bad
() You can be irresponsible at times
() You love to eat
() You may be fickle or inconsistent with your thoughts
() You have a short attention span and may drop conversations easily
() You are very religious and have a strong belief
(x) You are imaginative and creative


() You like to travel and enjoy exotic things
() You’re very rebellious and don’t listen to what others say
() You have a strong love for music
(x) You’re very mischievous and aren’t intimidated by anything
() Others may describe you as mysterious
() You’re very emotional
(x) You’re independent
(x) You may get annoyed easily
(x) You have a close group of friends that are important to you
(x)When you dislike someone you show aggression towards them rather than trying to burn down the hatch


Hunson Abadeer
() You may seem cold and emotionless
(x) You are rational
(x) You are very analytical
(x) You have a sense of humor
(x) You like it when things are done your way
(x) You may have a tendency of bossing others around just to get your way
(x) You’re manipulative
(x) You are intelligent
(x) You’re crafty and sneaky
(x) You dislike most people but get really impressed when they do something impressive


Princess Bubblegum
(x) You are a leader
()You are a perfectionist
(x) You’re amiable and nice
()You’re friendly and love others
() Even though you’re usually nice and sweet, you may get malicious when crossed
() You like science
() You’re noble and have high morals
(x) You’re organized
() You like parties and events
() You have lots of fears


Lumpy Space Princess
() You may like attention or seek attention from others
(x)You can be a bit selfish at times
(x) You show little to no concerns at times
(x)You get upset when things don’t go your way
() You dislike getting ignored
() You may complain a lot
() You misinterpret things and jump to conclusions
(x) You make fun of people, even if it’s silently
() You tend to lose your temper
() You like flirting and always think about the boys/girls


Ice King
() You are lonely most of the time
() Some people consider you annoying
() You are disagreeable
(x) You have a short-temper
(x) You are arrogant
() You have poor social skills
() You’re misunderstood
() You’re actually quite benign and kind
() You’re desperate for love
() You’re weird


Flame Princess
(x) You don’t think anyone would actually like you
() You are a bit unstable
() You’re quick to jump to conclusions
(x) You may seem mildly aggressive at times
() You have a fickle personality and it changes from moody to easy-going
()You’re difficult
() You’re learning how to be able to handle pain
(x) You are curious and are interested in learning new things
() You try covering up pain inside
() You change your mind a lot



Let’s have some Joshua quotes to brighten up our day.


Lame puppet animation is lame. OTL


I feel like this picture might need an explanation.
Imagine Joshua is now your perfect, goddess waifu. 


I feel like this picture might need an explanation.

Imagine Joshua is now your perfect, goddess waifu.